The minimum age for attendance at any Accelerator event is 18 years old or older.

All tickets can be purchased on the official Accelerator website on the “Tickets” page.

Accelerator maintains a zero tolerance policy on drugs. Using, possessing, or trading drugs at any of our events is strictly prohibited. Violations of this policy may result in getting kicked out of the event or being handed over to the police.

Official indetification such as a driver’s license, ID or passport will be required for entry. Our staff will check for age at the door. Names are not checked against tickets.

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas, which will be located outside of the event space.

If any lost items are found, they will be kept by the organization. Contact to check if your item has been found.

Tickets won’t be refunded when you can’t attend an event. You can sell your tickets online through ticketswap at

House rules

We want to make Accelerator an enjoyable and safe experience for everyone, therefore we have a few house rules we expect you to follow in order to make this happen:

Maintain a positive attitude towards other visitors and staff members.

Any violence or aggresive behavior will not be tolerated and we remain the right to remove you if we find it necessary.

In order to ensure optimal safety for our visitors, there is a possibility you will have to go through a security check. This can happen during entry, but also once you have already entered the premises of Accelerator.

We remain the right to deny entry to visitors that are visibly intoxicated.

Visitors must be atleast 18 years old in order to enter. You may be asked for ID upon entering.

Food and drinks (and other liquids) from outside are not allowed.

We do not tolerate the use or dealing of drugs at Accelerator.

We do not have a dress code.

Smoking is not allowed inside.

Anyone present at Accelerator agrees to the possibility of pictures/videos being made of them.

We are not responsible for any lost items within the premises of Accelerator.